Be Like Water

I've been pondering this quote by the masterful, Bruce Lee, and love that it might mean something a bit different to each of us. To me, it means that we have the power to adapt to every situation.  

- Bruce Lee

- Bruce Lee

Here's Bruce sharing this thought as only he can:

Presence, patience, humility, and acceptance allow us to be fully immersed in whatever situation, environment or condition in which we find ourselves. 

Too often we are rigid in our belief's and judgments of good and bad. Right and wrong. Comfortable and uncomfortable. Joyful and burdensome. Happy and sad. Our reluctance or inability to be flexible, thoughtful, and open-minded, binds us to our current condition. We relinquish control to externalities. 

When we allow things to simply be as they are - adapting and shaping our mentality to serve us, instead of being controlled by our emotions and perception of a situation - we take back control and forge a presence, a life, that we desire. 

This doesn't mean that we should be mere passengers or pacifists in this life. Like water that encounters an obstacle, we can choose to go around it, or even though it, if we do so with patience and perseverance.  Find your flow, and be willing to adapt, adjust or move on. 

Be like water, my friend.